Men trying to lose weight throughout the world would vouch for the fact that sometimes it gets very difficult to find time to make it to the gymnasium after work. Considering the travel time it takes nowadays to work and back, tiresome work hours and family commitments, being able to work out consistently can feel like a very difficult proposition to some people sometimes. Although home workouts can come to rescue in such a situation, but the main problem faced by many people trying to venture into it is they don’t know where to start. A home workout routine should ideally be both effective as well as short, and in order to achieve that you must consider only those exercises which produce maximum results in minimum time.

It is now possible to do exactly that by doing some simple Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer exercises, even if a few days in a week. Simply put, a Muscle Maximizer exercise is a form of workout which makes you push your muscle tissues to their limits in the shortest possible time period, thereby making your workout session short and simple. These exercises also make sure that you maintain full range of motion, something that is not possible with many gym exercises. Let’s look at three simple exercises that fall in the Muscle Maximizer category:

Human flags – This exercise may seem like a circus stunt the first time you try to perform it or see its video. However, it is far easier than it appears. So, if you don’t get it the first time, just keep trying and you will be there soon. While doing the human flag exercise, you will require either two horizontal rails (which are good distance apart) or a single vertical rail. Now, place one of your hands low down on to the rail, while the other one is lifted higher up. Try lifting up your body making use of your core until your body is horizontal to the floor. The idea is to maintain your lower elbow and locked position and using the lower part of your shoulder to carry most of your weight. Try holding onto this position for at least 10 seconds each on both sides.

Spiderman push-ups – However silly they may sound, Spiderman push-ups are not easy to pull off. In case of a normal push-up routine, one follows a straight up-and-down movement. But when it comes to Spiderman push-ups, they add an extra twist, which helps in simultaneous strengthening up of the core.

For doing Spiderman push-ups, start as you do in a normal push-up position. Your spine must be in a straight line and your knees locked. Now, start going down on your arms as you do in normal push-ups, but in the process try lifting up one of your feet from the ground and bring that leg’s knee up until your elbow point. Your knee must come as close as possible to the elbow at the bottom point of the push-up. While going back up, you must push your foot back into its original position. Repeat this exercise again with your other foot this time around.

Plyometrics squats – This is a Muscle Maximizer exercise meant specifically for legs. This exercise requires the individual to squat down and then try leaping high up straight into the air. This provides a great stretch to the muscles right before contracting them well. Performing this exercise regularly will help you enhance your vertical leap apart from increasing your flexibility. This exercise must be done in sets of 10, while making sure that you land on your feet’s balls every time you come back down.

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When it comes to body types most people have heard only about three commonly known ones: endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. However, as per Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system, there are four more different body types which fall in between the above-mentioned three. These are: Endo–mesomorph, meso–endomorph, meso–ectomorph and ecto–mesomorph. We will briefly look into all these body types in this article.

Endomorph – People with this body type are even shorter than mesomorphs and have even bigger bones, large legs and large arms. They’re often referred to as short and stocky. As their natural metabolic rate is also pretty slow, they put on fat quite easily. It is very important for people with such body types to consume a lot of proteins and indulge in regular cardio training.

Ectomorph – People with this body type are normally long, lanky, have thin bones, lean muscles and a narrow frame. As these people have a very high metabolic rate, they don’t easily gain weight. While in one way it is a blessing as they burn body fat very easily, it is also a curse because they have a hard time putting on muscle weight without the help of supplements.

Mesomorph – People with this body type are normally short in height and have very thick bones, large muscles and a wide frame. This is an ideal body type in case of weightlifters. As a downside, people with such body type gain fat deposits more easily. Therefore, if they fail to keep a watch on their calories, they develop fat layers covering up their muscles pretty quickly. Hence, it is very important for them to indulge in regular cardio training apart from weightlifting.

Meso-endomorph – As is evident from the name, these are people with mesomorph body type but with certain endomorph tendencies. They develop fat and muscles quite easily, but find it difficult to get rid of fat in comparison to mesomorphs. Most of these people are gym enthusiasts who despite having large guts, can power lift great amount of weights with ease. These people must stay away from carbohydrates as much as possible.

Meso-ectomorph – These are mesomorphs with few tendencies normally associated with ectomorphs. They are short in height and have thick bones. Meso-ectomorphs find it more difficult to put on muscle mass in comparison to full mesomorphs. As they can gain fat easily, they must always be on guard with regard to their daily calorie intake.

Ecto-mesomorph – These people are basically ectomorphs, but have certain mesomorph tendencies too. They are skinny and tall with a high metabolic rate. Nevertheless, they have the ability to put on good muscle mass. As in the case of ectomorphs, ecto-mesomorphs also need supplements to develop muscle mass, but they normally don’t have as much problem doing it as is in the case of full ectomorphs.

Endo-mesomorph – Last but not the least, there are endo-mesomorphs which are endomorphs having mesomorph tendencies. This implies that they are round and soft, but without a gut as large as endomorphs. These people don’t find any problem putting on extra body weight, but it is important that they follow a daily cardio program to avoid big fat deposits.

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The Pros and Cons of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

In this article on Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system, we will go through its pros and cons. The idea is to help you weigh all the possibilities and make an informed decision about its purchase.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Pros

It is a customized muscle building system having something in it for every body type – A major advantage offered by Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer system is that it provides the user with a customized and specific muscle building program. Plenty of data is utilized in the process in order to deliver the best possible results based on the user’s specific body type. This system also custom tailors and synchronizes the specific training program of the user with his/her daily nutrition program. By doing so, it make sure that the user experiences muscle development in a safe manner, without any fat coming into the picture.

The system is created by a well-qualified expert on muscle building – Kyle Leon, the developer of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system is widely recognized as an excellent nutritionist and a great personal trainer in the bodybuilding circles for the past many years. In fact, he’s known to be one among the few respected trainers throughout the world, specifically when it comes to the matter of building lean muscle mass naturally. In this new program developed by him, Kyle provides very specific and high-quality information apart from offering a tried and tested muscle building system. The program has been designed with the help of renowned fitness models coming from all parts of the world. All these people have already tested and tweaked the system for a long time now in order to make sure that the end user gets the best results.

A comprehensive money back guarantee – Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee. This means anyone can give the system a shot for a few weeks and see for himself/herself whether the results promised are for real or not. It is a completely risk-free arrangement offered by Kyle.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Cons

The program cannot be bought at off-line stores – It must be noted that Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system can only be purchased online from its official website and is presently not available at any of the offline stores.

The system is optimized keeping the United States market in mind – The Muscle Maximizer program has been optimized specifically for the United States market as it doesn’t make use of the metric system anywhere. In case, you don’t live in the US and it is the metric system that your country follows, you will have to go an extra step ahead while trying to calculate your specific perfect nutrition plan.

After going through all the pros and cons related to the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system, we can safely conclude that it is without doubt the best customizable workout and nutrition program available in the marketplace today. The best part about the whole program is that it is very simple to follow due to its step-by-step instructions. So go ahead and give it a go now!

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How to Build a Well Ripped Chest

Just about anyone who hits the gymnasium regularly, wishes to have a huge chest size. This doesn’t come as a surprise owing to the kind of effect that a huge chest normally has on the people of opposite sex (I mean women!). You would be happy to know that there is nothing too complicated about building an attention grabbing and tight ripped chest. The foundation of building well ripped chest muscles is progressive overloading and consistency. Anyone who is ready to put in consistent effort can be a proud owner of a sexy and well ripped chest in quick time.

Chest muscles comprise of two different sub muscle groups namely the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major. These two muscle groups are also referred to as pecs in slang. The secret behind maximization of chest muscles lies in those pressing movements involved in lifting weights during exercise.

Although chest flies definitely have their important place when it comes to an all-round chest workout routine, they pale when compared to dramatic anabolic effects obtained by the pressing movements. These pressing movements include exercises like flat bench press, seated dips, dumbbell presses, decline chest press and incline chest press.

The biggest secret behind getting a well ripped chest is that there are no magic spells or big secrets really. It is not about any mind blowing technique, but simple exercises which can stimulate one’s chest muscles to accomplish extraordinary growth. As long as one focuses on progressive overloading and pressing movements one is guaranteed to witness major muscle development in the chest area.

Following are some important exercises for achieving maximum chest muscle gains:

  1. Dumbbell bench press – This exercise involves three different benchpress varieties – incline, decline and flat bench press. The main advantage offered by dumbbell press, ahead of the normal bench press is that it facilitates far more natural range of motion, thereby preventing shoulder injuries too. In addition, use of dumbbells also assists in prevention of strength imbalances as every muscle must work on its own instead of in conjunction with others. However, one cannot lift as much weight in case of dumbbells as one can in a normal bench press routine.
  2. Standard bench press – This too includes three different bench press varieties including incline, decline and flat bench press. It is mainly a basic compound movement which allows one to handle maximum weight via a particular range of motion. While the decline bench press targets the chest’s lower portion, the incline bench press focuses on the upper region. In case of flat bench press, the focus comes on both the lower and upper chest muscles.
  3. Seated dips – While doing seated dips one must try to employ a wider grip while leaning forward, in order to decrease the stress on triceps and to focus more on the chest muscles instead. Seated dips are excellent as one can comfortably adjust the weights as per one’s convenience, as against the standing dips where one can lift weight only limited to one’s own body weight.

Refer to Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer and learn the best ways to develop the perfect chest muscles in the shortest possible time.

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